April 24
WS80 International Cultural Exchange Program
Abeokuta, Nigeria
April 26/27
Traditional Hunters
Oyo/Ilora, Nigeria
May 28
Oxford University, UK
May 29
Royal Africa Society Lecture
London, UK
July 5
WS Prize for Literature in Africa
Lagos, Nigeria
July 6
Winners Breakfast with WS
Abeokuta, Nigeria
July 8
Book Presentation
Crucible of The Ages. (Essays in Honour of WS)
Accra, Ghana
July 15
Jimi Solanke & The Minstrels (Supporting Acts Seun Olota, Eda Oto, and Aduke Aladekomo)
Lagos, Nigeria (Freedom Park)
July 16 7pm
Dance of the Forests by Crown Troupe of Africa)
Lagos, Nigeria (Freedom Park)
July 17 7pm
Freedom of Creative Expression with Freedom Hall – Esther’s Revenge Bar
Lagos, Nigeria (Freedom Park)
July 18
AFROPOLITAN Concert (in honour of Wole Soyinka and Nelson Mandela) & Old Skool music for Kongi by DJ Bola-Browne
Lagos, Nigeria (Freedom Park)
July 19
Impact of Soyinka in Cinema/Panel featuring Tunde Kelani, Femi Odugbemi, and others. Films include Kongi’s Harvest, Blues for the Prodigal; Ibadan; The Great Africans; Time’s Voyager: Soyinka’s Journeys through Literature and Politics
Lagos, Nigeria (Freedom Park)
Nov 21
African Literary Conference Panel
Indianapolis, USA